Tuesday, October 18, 2005

CNW Group-First GiveMeaning Campaign Meets Goal in 4 weeks

CNW Group: "Attention News Editors:
First GiveMeaning Campaign Meets Goal in 4 weeks

Recipient to receive leading-edge cancer treatment

VANCOUVER, Oct. 18 /CNW/ - A fundraising project established to help a
young Vancouver woman finally triumph over cancer has become the first
GiveMeaning GivingGroup to reach its goal. In less than 4 weeks, the
GivingGroup created for Meghan Black raised $32,000 - enough to send her to
Mexico's world-class Sanoviv treatment facility.
'This is a huge achievement for Meghan and her supporters, and an
enormously important milestone for the GiveMeaning Foundation. And it's
especially fitting that we met this goal on Thanksgiving Day,' says
Tom Williams, CEO of the GiveMeaning Foundation.
GiveMeaning GivingGroups were introduced in September. Each GivingGroup
brings people together through a common goal or passion, then provides them
with online tools to donate money, offer time, provide supplies, and invite
other friends to participate."

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