Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Finextra: CAF Bank licenses Misys Bankmaster Plus

Finextra: CAF Bank licenses Misys Bankmaster Plus: "CAF Bank licenses Misys Bankmaster Plus
20 July 2005

CAF Bank has signed an agreement with Misys Banking Systems to use Bankmaster Plus solution from Misys to be able to put in place an online banking system for the charitable organisations using its services.

It will also help increase efficiencies and keep costs to a minimum so that the bank can maintain high levels of interest for the deposits made by these organisations while keeping charges as low as possible.

CAF Bank, which provides financial services to more than 12,500 charitable organisations in the UK, including faith groups, schools, friendly societies and housing associations. It is a trading subsidiary of the Charities Aid Foundation, which handles �1.6 billion per year for donors and charities, passing donations to charities both large and small."

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